The Story of Sorbonne

This Suit is truly a power one. Inspired in the life of Madame Curie, the first women to ever teach at Sorbonne University.

Since she was a child, she was very interest in science. She was curious, intelligent and very persistent. To follow her passion, she had to study hidden, because a girl, at that time, should not be studying, she should be focused in finding a husband. But what she found was a partner, Pierre Curie. For their work in the field of radioactive, she and her husband won a Nobel Prize. It as only addressed to him, but Pierre insisted that the Pize belong to the both of them, and would not accept it without her. Unfortunately, Pierre died due to the effects of radioactive exposure. But Marie Curie didn’t gave up. She continued their life’s work until she died, also due to the effects of severe radioactive exposure, but not until she was invited to teach at Sorbonne University, and to have won two Nobel Prizes, one in Chemistry and other in Physics.

So don’t let others tell you what’s your barriers! Find your passion in life and devote yourself to it!