Collected Information


When you interact with us we might collect personal data and other informations as we descreve bellow:

In the case that our client give us personal information for some specific reason we can use it only for the purpose which was given. For instance, if you contact us through email address we can use your data to answer you or to help you resolve your problem. We can also use your personal data and other informations collected through our Services in order to help us improve our costumer care, our services and our functions. We can also use the information have given to us to contact you in the future to informe about articles that we believe it is in our interest.


We use cookies to save informations, such as personal preferences, when you visite our website. This may include popups or other connections to services that we provide. However, you can disable our cookies in your browser options or through our antivirus tool options. Nevertheless, this option might alter the way that you interact with our website, or even other websites. For instance it might affect, or not allow you to login in sites, forums or other networks.


Automatic Information

We collect and use information shared in registrations. This includes your IP address (Internet Protocol), your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the browser your using when you visited our website, the period that you stayed in our website and the pages that you entered within our site.


We take security mesures to protect your personal data. We update our ways to collecting information, as well as gathering and accessing. However, none internet transaction or e-mail is absolutely save or free of mistakes. We advise to always be careful with the informations that you send by e-mail.

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