Clair Couture was born in 2018 by the hands of Joana Macedo. Always keeping in mind that in life you have to do what makes you happy, she discovered her passion for fashion and launched her dream.

Putting in mind that this brand should be contribute to empower women all over the over, she based her collection in 3 great women in history: Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo and Madame Curie. All the pieces tells a story about one of them (see inside out menu), hopping their example inspire women to be brave, to be happy, to be what they truly are!

Focusing on enhancing the female figure, the pieces are all made in bold materials at Clair Couture’s atelier. Made in small quantities, the brand privileges exclusivity and always keeps attention to details. They surely are made to turn heads as you walk by.

Please were them as your own armor and make sure you can to anything!


Inside out

The stories behind our pieces.